Dry Throat at Night

Does dry throat at night disturb your sleep almost everyday? If yes, then read the following article, which elaborates on all the possible causes of dry throat at night, along with their possible treatments.

Dry throat at night, more than often, is a result of an inflammation of the inner lining of the throat. There are many other reasons too, which cause this condition. But whatever be the cause, dry throat at night disturbs the sleep, making the person tired the next day, and thus hampers his everyday activities. Let us learn what causes dry throat at night and also what treatments should be followed to cure it.

Causes of Dry Throat at Night

Nasal Congestion

If the person is suffering from a nasal congestion, he tries to breathe from mouth while sleeping. When the person breathes from the mouth, it irritates the throat and thus causes very dry throat at night. The remedy for this would be to relief the swelling of the nasal passage so that breathing from the nose is possible again. For this, take regular steam at home, especially before sleeping at night. Read more on nasal congestion at night.

Air Pollution

Smoke and pollution is another cause of dry throat at night. This is due to the reason that the throat, upon inhaling smoke or pollution, gets inflamed. So it is advised that the person suffering from dry throat due to this, quits smoking or stays away from people when they are smoking, as passive smoking can be even more injurious than active smoking. To save yourself from air pollution, there is nothing much that can be done. But you can certainly keep some plants in the office as well as the workplace. Plants help in absorbing the toxins from the air and thus, freshens the room air.


Dry Throat at Night

Dry throat at night could be an allergic reaction to a particular food item or to the cold weather during winters. Sometimes, a person might be allergic to dust or pollen and when he comes in contact with them during the day, it causes dry throat at night. The remedy for this would be to avoid the foods, which cause this allergic reaction and wear warm clothes, which can save you from the extreme cold. Also save yourself from dust allergy by putting a mask over your nose and mouth. Read more on allergies.


If a person has Cough, he may experience bouts of coughing at night when he is lying down. This may cause dry scratchy throat at night. The dry throat remedy resulting from cough, is to gargle everyday, before sleeping, with warm water and a pinch of salt added to it. Also drink lots of water during the day to keep the throat moist.


Sinus infections can produce various symptoms like headache, pain between the eyes, cheeks and jaws, nasal discharge, besides the dry throat symptoms. Sinus infections often becomes worse at night when the person is lying down. Sinusitis, thus is another reason for dry throat at night. For sinus infection treatment, antibiotics are usually prescribed by the doctor.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) , also known as acid reflux disease can cause dry throat at night. Under this condition, the fluids of the stomach move back into the esophagus and thus irritate the throat. A person suffering from GERD often experiences dry throat at night, along with other symptoms such as heartburn, a burning or stinging sensation in the throat, difficulty in swallowing and a bitter taste in the mouth. Natural cures for acid reflux include maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. Apple cider vinegar in a diluted form, if taken after meals, is another effective cure for GERD.

These are some of the causes of dry throat at night. You can also read on itchy dry throat. For curing yourself of it, you have to identify what is causing dry throat condition in you and then take a proper treatment accordingly.